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Currently I work on post-doc artistic research project in the frame of my post-doc position at Cfar - Center for Artistic Research of Uniarts Helsinki.  Working title of the Project is stumble on breathing

In expanded contemporary choreorgaphy breath is most often tangible when dancing is about to be exhausted (Lepecki 2006) and the materiality of the physical body and movement appears (see for example works of Meg Stuart). Or breath is used as means to create social exchange and a sense of community (see: e.g. work on Angela Schubot and Jared Gradiner). I can´t identify my interest in breath if either one of these takes on breathing.

For the moment, I hang in with Italian conceptual artist Piero Manzoni´s Artist´s Breath. For Artist´s Breath Manzoni attaches a blown up balloon on a small wooden base onto which he also fits a small plate with “Piero Manzoni – Artist´s Breath”. Then the blown-up balloon slowly deflates and the work is sold when the deflation is complete. The work Artist´s Breath(1960) is an example how the human body is addressed by means of breath while simultaneously addressing the dissipation of the subject-matter (the artist´s breath) which ultimately hints also at the disappearance of the human body itself (Kukuljevic 2017).

Lepecki, André. Exhausting Dance.New York: Routledge, 2006.

Kukuljevic, Alexi. Liquidation World. Cambridge: MIT, 2017.

So far have been done the following within my post-doc position at Cfar:

- independent studies (mainly reading selected publications on the topic of breath)

- three week residency at Süfufer Freiburg (documenation of the residency:

https://blogresidencyfreiburg.jana-unmussig.com )

- presentation as workshop-lecture-slide-show  December 19th 2020 (documentation coming soon)

- curating Post-Doc-Art event, Feb 12 2020  (documentaion: see portfolio)

- research presentation in doctoral seminat at TUTKE, Teak, Feb 24th

-research dissemination through teaching:

March 2020: Teak, Helsinki

May 2020: HKS, Ottersberg, Germany

July 2020: Tanzfabrik Berlin, Berlin

- article in the making

- presentation of new artistic work at Tanznacht Berlin (September 2020)

The residency at Südufer Freiburg was made possible with generous support of:


 MY ARTISTIC DOCTORATE (2011- 2018 / including two maternity leaves)

My artistic research project took place in the frame of a doctor in Arts (D.A.) at the Performing Arts Research Centre at the Theatre Academy  at the University of the Arts Helsinki, in affiliation with the programme in choreography. Methodological tool number 1 for exploring the research subject was the artistic doing, my artistic practice, followed by reflecting upon and contextualizing this doing  through  other artists´ work, artistic research theory, phenomenology and cultural studies. The research consisted of three artistic parts and a written component.


Artistic part 1 (2013): "Coulor, Coulor" link:https://vimeo.com/64713735 , pass word: zguestz  ;

Artistic part 2 (2015): "///" link:https://vimeo.com/127423246, pass word: jana1

(plese note: correct date of performance Februray 2015)

Excerpt of artistic part 3 (2016): "see/time/composing" link: https://vimeo.com/186378129 , pass word: ap3


The written component "Composition and Choreography - Critical Reflections on Perception, Body and Temporality",

published by Acta Scenica, Theater Academy Helsinki.