My artistic research project takes place in the frame of a doctor in Arts (D.A.) at the Performing Arts Research Centre at the Theatre Academy at the University of the Arts Helsinki, in affiliation with the programme in choreography. Methodological tool number 1 for exploring the research subject lays is the artistic doing, my artistic practice, followed by reflecting upon and contextualizing this doing through other artists´ work, artistic research theory, phenomenology and cultural studies. The research consists of three artistic parts and a written component.


Artistic part 1 (2013): "Coulor, Coulor" link: , pass word: zguestz ;

Artistic part 2 (2015): "///" link:, pass word: jana1

(plese note: correct date of performance Februray 2015)

Excerpt of artistic part 3 (2016): "see/time/composing" link: , pass word: ap3


My research is conceived and undertaken as practice-as-research. Practice-led-research and research-led-practice. That is: not continuing the split of theory and practice (there is the practice and there is a written reflection following an academic tone and scholarly protocol Ă  la cultural studies or dance studies), BUT theory and practice are juxtaposed, happen simultaneously and writings are done with rigor of artistic thought.

Theory and contextulisation is not used to give more authority to the research. The research uses context and theoretical thought in order to just have one more element to hang in there : Hang in there, in the vast field of

the research topic


choreography-based composition: Critical composition?



The research is generously supported by Kone Foundation Finland.