My artistic research project took place in the frame of a doctor in Arts (D.A.) at the Performing Arts Research Centre at the Theatre Academy  at the University of the Arts Helsinki, in affiliation with the programme in choreography. Methodological tool number 1 for exploring the research subject was the artistic doing, my artistic practice, followed by reflecting upon and contextualizing this doing  through  other artists┬┤ work, artistic research theory, phenomenology and cultural studies. The research consisted of three artistic parts and a written component.

Artistic part 1 (2013): "Coulor, Coulor" link: , pass word: zguestz  ;

Artistic part 2 (2015): "///" link:, pass word: jana1

(plese note: correct date of performance Februray 2015)

Excerpt of artistic part 3 (2016): "see/time/composing" link: , pass word: ap3


The written component "Composition and Choreography - Critical Reflections on Perception, Body and Temporality",

published by Acta Scenica, Theater Academy Helsinki.

The research was generously supported by Kone Foundation Finland.


Research Statement in Process

 (3 sentences, September 2018)

I ┬┤m one of these artists that is a art academy junkie.

 I love academic settings to develop work, thinking, hitting my head and feet.



Research for me is  messy, it goes in all directions and only towards the end grounds itself: the  spiral form of  hermeneutic production of understanding.